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WHO ARE WE?. IN THE BEGINNING, wherever people have travelled, so has the Gospel travelled with them. The good news of the Lord Jesus Christ has travelled along the routes of the world with the messengers of the Gospel.

In 1883 the founders of Message on the Move (originally known as The Tramcar and Omnibus Scripture Text Mission, and changed to The Public Transport Scripture Text Mission in the 1960's) were given the vision that public transport is the moving market place for the Christian message. Amongst the advertising messages for the age there is space for the eternal truth of the message of the Word of God. For over 125 years we have continued this ministry.

As an evangelical mission, our desire is to work with the Holy Spirit in order to bring the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to people on the move. We believe the Word of God is powerful, has significance and relevance today, and is still the means by which people are brought into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Advertising through the use of offline and online posters remains an open door for the Gospel. The Bible is still the powerful word of God that speaks into hearts and lives.

Message on the Move is aiming to use the best opportunities available to promote Christ to people on the move in the UK. Our Vision is to promote the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the travelling public through presenting scripture by the use of all available media, thereby introducing seekers to Christ.

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