Mission & Vision

Our mission continues to be bringing the Word of God to people on the move, through advertising posters on public transport, and in places relating to public transport. Posters are displayed within buses, trams and underground trains, because the advertising sites are available to us, and experience shows the traveller reads them and responds.

Our posters are scripture based, and challenge the reader to consider the work of God and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The posters offer the interested traveller a number of ways to respond - by text or by visiting our ygod.info web site - where they will find more information about the Bible verse and an opportunity to chat with a Christian (through our partnership with Groundwire.org.uk). All responses and enquiries are followed up.

As an evangelical mission, our desire is to work with the Holy Spirit in order to bring the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to people on the move. We believe the Word of God is powerful, has significance and relevance today, and is still the means by which people are brought into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Vision is to promote the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the travelling public through presenting scripture by the use of all available media, thereby introducing seekers to Christ.


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