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Posters online!

This year we displayed of our posters online - and the results have been amazing! We would love you to join us to seize the online opportunity together. All of our online posters contain words from the Bible and offer the opportunty to click to chat with a Christian at any time of day or night.


We are targeting our online posters at people all over the UK but we are also happy to target posters specifically at people living in your local area. If you or your church would like to work together with us we can place more posters nationally or specifically arrange for people in your area to see our online posters.

Every £50 spent nationally resulted in 8,000 people seeing our posters online and 300 people clicking to chat.

Every £50 spent locally resulted in 5,000 people seeing our posters online and 150 people clicking to chat.

- If this is something you would be interested in finding out more about then please send us an email or click on the "" button.

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